Zukiswa Wanner
Zukiswa Wanner

South African writer Zukiswa Wanner is no stranger to controversy. The Nairobi based writer who is currently working on her latest novel (always working on a novel that one) has been known to give very strong opinions especially on her WordPress blog. The most viral of these was posted last year when she railed against those who were very happy to own legendary photographer Alf Kumalo telling them to go and fornicate with themselves (I would have been more literal but this is a family blog so for the real juice check out the actual blog).

On Friday, the writer decided to focus her guns on two groups. One is the white literati who don’t want to take part in the South African rainbow project. Sample this;

You live in South Africa. You claim to be as South African as the rest of us. How then do you explain that we know everything about your culture – through observing you, watching and reading your works – but you choose not to engage with ours ?

Having dealt with those she next focuses on folks who want writers to work for free; editors of magazines and editors. Part of her blog reads thus;

…you don’t work for free, why do you expect us to? If you are selling your magazines or newspapers, why is it such a big deal to pay for content?”

I don’t to deprive of reading the whole missive so please visit the rant that is currently going viral and get your own opinion.