The finalists for the Tell Your Own Story National Book Awards 2021 have been announced today, November 11, 2021

The Tell Your Own Story Literary Awards came from the UNZA Radio show “Tell Your Own Story” that covers Zambian literary activity in 2015. The awards, an initiative of Concept Developers Initiatives through its partnership with Unza Radio, were meant to facilitate the growth of the literary culture in Zambia. Since then the awards have featured dozens of authors, publishers, book reviewers and also institutions promoting reading and writing in Zambia. In 2018 writers like Ingrid Nayame, Joe Sakala and David Kashiki were crowned the best in Zambia. In 2019, Freeman Mwenge, Mweo Kondolo and other writers won in a raft of categories. In 2020, Mubanga Kalimamukwento, Mashebe I. Ngula, Reuben Phiri, and other writers won in their categories.

The finalists for the 2021 awards have been announced today and those in the running in the different categores are;

Nonfiction Category

1. Brilliant Nelson Nyirenda, My Daily Self-Sevelopment

2. Mashebe I. Ngula, Unbox Your Potential-non fiction

3. Dalisto Mawelela, The Label in you must

4. Funny Mwale, Life and Living

5. Mazuba Mwiinga, Midnight Raid-Hakainde Hichilema’s Taste of Hate

Religious Category

1. Junior Mupeta James,Seer’s Realm

2. Fr. Francis Katuta, The Silence of Christ

3. Brighton Mwanza, Salvation & Evangelism

4. Patricia M. Longwani, Attention to Detail

5. Faides Shamapango Muzumara, Identity Back to Eden

Motivation Category

1. Kowa Nvulule Simon, Radiate Positivity

2. Dalisto Mawelela,The Label in you must 

3. Timothy E. Phiri, A Journey with Purpose

4. Vincent Habasimbi, Living Beyond 5 Senses

5. Naomi Kasela, Beautifully Flawed

6. Catherine Chisompola Phiri, My Life on Radio


1. Manson Mutumba, Cyber Attack

2. Keith Hamusute,The Ghosts Came to Dinner and Never Left

3. Henry Joe Sakala, Chiparamba

4. Anthony Tapa, Womb of the dead

5. Mazuba Mwiinga, Crown of Ashes

6. Wayne Pindu, Bliss and Blindness

7. Mweo Kondolo, Jerabo Vol.2

8. Peter Phiri, Tale of hope

Creative Writing Category

1. Samuel Zulu, A Forensic Look into Mc Naughton’s Rule

2. Manson Mutumba, Cyber Attack

3. Keith Hamusute, The Ghosts Came to Dinner and Never Left

4. Noah Mwewa, Girls of Kabwata

5. Kelvin Jatwa, Sorry

6. Mweo Kondolo, Jerabo Vol.1

Children’s Category

1. Molly Kumar, Footsie

2. Sheila Siwela, Symbols of National Identity

Poetry Category

1. Reuben Phiri, Shake off The Dust and Rise

2. Kondwani Simwaba, Memoirs of a Lonely Soul

Education Category

1. David Kaunda Mvula, Teaching and Learning Mathematics the Best Way

2. Andrew Kaumba, The Road to Becoming a Doctor

3. Bwalya Mwanamwenge, Essentials of Studying Smart

4. Rhodrick Mulenga, How to succeed without being a student 

5. Charles Samuel Mumba, Culture of the Best Student

6. Kapande Kombe, Becoming a Genius Girl in Mathematics

History Category

1. Pelekelo I Mwiya-The Rise and Fall of Alice Lenshina

2. Mutale Tinamou Mazimba Kaunda-A history of the Unga People of The Bangweulu Swamps

3. Brighton Mwanza-Celebrating Unsung Heroes 

Business Category

1. Brighton Mwanza, Business-Understanding Entrepreneurship Skills

2. Justine Kangwa, 12 secrets to becoming a go-to confident speaker

The winners will be unveiled at a ceremony in Lusaka, Zambia in December.