Yewande Omotoso

Yewande Omotoso is a finalist for the Bottari Lattes Grinzane Award 2019 for her novel La Signora Della Porta which is the Italian edition of The Woman Next Door. The announcement was made on April 13, 2019.

The Bottari Lattes Grinzane International Award is an international literary prize for Italian and foreign fiction published in Italy. The award consists of “Il Germoglio” dedicated to the best books of fiction published in the last year; the other is “La Quercia” named after publisher, painter, writer Mario Lattes who died in 2001 which highlights an international author affirmed at the level of critics and audiences. The award which first took place in 2011 is organized by the Bottari Lattes Foundation alongside several other partners.

La Quercia

The winner of the La Quercia was announced as Haruki Murakami (Japan), published in Italy by Einaudi (translated by Antonietta Pastore and Giorgio Amitrano). Murakami is we all know is a recent winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature.

Il Germoglio

Those in the running for this section of this prize are;

  • Roberto Alajmo with The Summer of ’78 (Sellerio).
  • Jean Echenoz (France) with Inviata speciale (Adelphi) translated by Federica and Lorenza Di Lella)
  • Yewande Omotoso (South Africa) La Signora Della Porta (The Woman Next Door) (66thand2nd) translated by Natalia Stabilini.
  • Alessandro Perissinotto Il Silenzio Della Collina (Mondadori).
  • Christoph Ransmayr (Austria) Cox Or Il Corso Del Tempo (Feltrinelli) translated by Margherita Carbonaro.

On October 12 the five authors will be in Italy to receive the recognition during the award ceremony where the winner will be announced.

Update: The prize was won by Haruki Murakami.