Class is in ession
Class is in Session

Then there was Kampala, Uganda. Kampala is very important to the Writivism narrative as this was the country where the initiative was first implemented. The workshop at the biggest city in Uganda was at the Uganda Museum and facilitated by Nyana Kakoma and Dilman Dila.

Nyana Kakoma is blogger in the dark art of the literary type with her blog So Many Stories and is a fiction writer in her own. Then there was Dilman Dila who is a writer with the short story collection A Killing in the Sun and other titles as well as a film maker; read his interview here.

The list of participants included Sydney Mugerwa, Saba El Lazim, Margaret Muthee, Lilian Akampurira Aujo, Harriet Anena, Anne Kirya, Emily Achieng, Charlotte Bossa, Nabimanya Praise, Emmanuel Ssebagala, Jacky Kemigisa, Paul Kisakye and Emmanuel Anyole.

Here is a sample of tweets from the event;