Happy clappersMonica Cheru’s latest short story collection The Happy Clappers and Other short stories is set to come out in late March.

Monica Cheru’s day job is as lifestyle editor of The Herald in Zimbabwe but many readers of this blog will remember her as the mentor to the Writivism graduates in Harare a few weeks ago. She already has one short story collection Chivi Sunsets: Not for Scientists which was published by Diaspora Publishers in 2011. The book was received pretty well with Memory Chirere giving her top marks in a review of the collection on their his blog (apologies on the “their” as at time of going to “press” this blogger hadn’t established yet whether this Memory Chirere person was either male of female). The Panorama magazine also gave her a good grilling on with fascinating a Q&A earlier in the year. On reading those links, you will know that Monica has some serious skills in the writing game especially where the short story, the same genre that Alice Munro won her Nobel Prize in last year, is concerned.

There is good news for those who love to read the short story have a new collection for the Harare based writer. The book Happy Clappers and other short stories is done and will be making is Internet debut for those not in Harare (which is most of us) in late March. The book sees the writer use a newish pen name for her work, Monica Cheru-Mpambawashe.

I’ll inform whoever is interested as soon as the book hits the kindle store.