The Writivism Team
The Writivism Team: We Salute You

Writivism Festival 2015 came and left and impacted so many people. It had its good parts and its not so good.

The good was amazing with some of the best panels, master classes and keynote addresses you can find anywhere on the African continent where literature is concerned. The not so good included confusion that sometimes reigned, the issues with venues strewn across a traffic filled city and the food. For a three year old festival I’d say that they did pretty well.

Through it all the staff and volunteers of the festival stuck with us sometimes to unholy hours. These were the unheard of heros and sheroes having to get venues sorted, find transport, solve many problems and they always did it without complaining. With a smile on their faces.

To all of you I say thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your service was appreciated of you starting with;

  • Director (Legal and Finance): Kyomuhendo A Ateenyi
  • Director (Fundraising and Pre Texts): Naseemah Mohamed
  • Director (Programs and Writivism): Bwesigye bwa Mwesigire
  • Festival Consultant: Wanjeri Gakuru
  • Legal Advisor: Kiconco Winfred
  • Finance Advisor: Dorothy Bagaya
  • Manager (Communications and Media): Rebecca Rwakabukoza
  • Manager (Website and Social Media): Roland Niwagaba
  • Research Assistant (Pre-Texts): Anne Marie Nabuguzi
  • Manager (Human Resources): Ezaruku Draku Franklin
  • Manager (Hospitality): Emmanuel Anyole
  • Manager (Production): Julius Lugaaya
  • Manager (Advertising): Lynette Eileen Ninsiima
  • Manager (Transport): Elizabeth Kitego
  • Manager (Logistics): Kagayi Peter
  • Blog Editor: Mary Ajayi
  • Photographer: Onyait Odeke
  • Videographer: Daniel Ecwalu
  • Production Assistant: Kwezi Tabaro
  • Production Assistant: Shiraz Murray
  • Production Assistant (Time Keeping): Stella Maris Kembabazi
  • Sales and Office Assistant: Lewis Ainebyona
  • Media Coordinator: Jacky Kemigisa
  • Sales and Marketing Assistant 1: Ernest Dennis Sessanga
  • Sales and Marketing Assistant 2: Mercy Mutesi
  • Sales and Marketing Assistant 3: Sumayah Namuwenge
  • Staff Writer 1: Caleb Adebayo
  • Staff Writer 2: Anne Moraa
  • Staff Writer 3: Ibrahim Batambuze
  • Staff Writer 4: Charlotte Bbosa
  • Staff Writer 5: Twasiima Patricia Bigirwa
  • Social Media Assistant 1: Agaba Josh
  • Social Media Assistant 2: Patricia Kahill
  • Social Media Assistant 3: Ruth Aine
  • Social Media Assistant 4: Joel Ntwatwa
  • Social Media Assistant 5: Bernard Beewol
  • Transport Officer: Ssekandi Ronald
  • Hospitality Officer 1: Jack Agaba
  • Hospitality Officer 2: Caroline Nakayemba
  • Hospitality Officer 3: Joan Aboku
  • Hospitality Officer 4: Sayuuni Talemwa
  • Hospitality Officer 5: Emmanuel Ddamulira

Again thanks a lot.

And see you next year.