Jennifer Makumbi
Makumbi Nansubuga

It’s getting to day two at the Writivism Festival 2015 which will be on the Thursday people. To those who want to keep up I tell you that this is the place to be right now.

Just like on day one there shall be school tour happening and this time round the school enjoying the awesome writer Nasubuga Makumbi will be the Princess Diana SS. Yes lads and lasses, a school named after a member of the British Royal family who died with her Egyptian boyfriend as she fled from the paparazzi. I’m going out on a limb and assume that the name of the school was bequeathed to it long before Lady Di left us.

Then it’s time for the Maisha Gardens. Apart from the Rolex, we know how much you love it, you will get the chance to listen a master class on playwriting conducted by Donald Molosi and Angela Emurwon. This will be followed by one on non-fiction and the Miles Morland Fellowships conducted by Michela Wrong and Mathilda Edwards. Here the trick to that master class; that foundation is giving away money right now. Don’t say that you weren’t told.

Rachel Zadok
Rachel Zadok

After these learning sessions you then get into panel territory with Edwige Dro, Rachel Zadok, Ikhide Ikheloa and Moses Kilolo as they talk about, What is the science in Afro sci-fi? All of them are amazing personalities to listen to but two will be of special interest. Rachel Zadok works with Short Story Day Africa and Moses Kilolo is with Jalada Africa; you want to listen to how they are doing their thing to bring the African literature game to the next level.

The evening’s keynote will be given by author Nasumbuga Makumbi whose address will be “What Makes a Popular African Novel. She will be introduced Dr Zahara Namwepo and in conversation with James Murua.

The day ends with a cocktail. Booze somewhere with the guests. *cleans palate*