John Sibi-Okumu gives advice to budding playwrites.
John Sibi-Okumu gives advice to budding playwrites.

Its good to be an aspiring writer on the continent right now what with opportunities to learn the craft available to allow you to possibly become the next big thing in writing.

For those in Nairobi you want to head over to Daystar University where they are currently running their weekly Daystar Creatives program for writers by writers. This week will see playwright John Sibi-Okumu facilitate his workshop “considerations on writing for the Kenyan stage.” This will cost you just Kshs500. What I love about the Daystar event is that it has allowed the facilitators to make a few bob from passing their knowledge so I don’t want to hear y’all complaining bitterly about that 500bob. Its the price of only three beers (at the right low-end place) and If you had to get the information in a class you would have to pay a whole lot more.

Also running workshops this weekend are the good people from Writivism. They will be hosting workshops in cities all over the African continent including Nairobi, Kampala, Harare and Abuja. I nearly forgot, Cape Town is also on the hot list.

The list of the cities and the mentors running them include;

Kampala: Glaydah Namukasa

Nairobi: Zukiswa Wanner

Harare: Monica Cheru and Memory Chirere

Cape Town: Rachel Zadok

Abuja: Ukamaka Olisakwe and Abubakar Adam Ibrahim

For those workshops, the participants will be people who have been already shortlisted for their awesome writing. The list of these folks attending these workshops will probably be the big names in African writing in the very near future so watch out for those ones.