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Writers Project of Ghana nominated for Ghana’s Social Media Awards

WritersProjectThe Writers Project of Ghana is an international literary organisation based in Ghana and the USA dedicated to working with Ghanaian writers & readers to explore and affirm their identity and culture.

The organisation has been doing a series of activities to ensure that the Ghanaian writer gets their work out. They are the originators of the Ghana Voices Series which was kicked off its 2015 leg last Wednesday with Joe Frazier.

It looks like the work of that organisation has been recognised by the Ghanaian online community and they have been nominated by the best Twitter account at the ongoing Ghana Blogging and Social Media Awards 2015.

If you have a minute, I urge you to give your vote to our literary friends from Ghana, West Africa. Please note that you aren’t exempt from this call out if you are Nigerian even if just voted. Support our peeps now.


By James Murua

This blog is run by James Murua a Nairobi, Kenya based lover of books.

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