French Academy

Jean-Pierre Langellier, Frantz Voltaire, and Jean D’Amerique are among the laureates of the French Academy announced on Thursday, June 30, 2022.

The French Academy is the principal organisation for matters pertaining to the French language in France. The academy is responsible for awarding several different prizes in various fields (including literature, painting, poetry, theatre, cinema, history, and translation). In total, the Académie awards more than sixty prizes, most of them annually.

The academy announced its laureates for 2022 and 64 winners were rewarded in different categories such as the “Grands Prix”, “Prize for Poetry” or “Prize for Literature and Philosophy”.  Among those recognised were the following writers of African descent;

Hérédia Prize

  • Jean D Amerique, novelist, playwright, and poet, for his poetry collection Rhapsodie rouge (Cheyne, 2021).

Le Prix Du Rayonnement De La Langue Et De La Littérature Françaises (Award for the Outreach of French Language and Literature)

  • Frantz Voltaire, Haitian historian, guardian, and disseminator of Haitian and Caribbean culture in Canada and America for his work as a historian.

Prix Guizot

  • Jean-Pierre Langellier for Léopold Sédar Senghor (Perrin)