BookpointBookpoint is one of the most iconic bookshops in Kenya having being with us for decades. The book shop, situated on Moi Avenue, has been a first point of call for many book lovers in the capital city Nairobi.

The only weird thing about the bookshop was that the shop would it promptly at 1pm and open at 2pm which would be frustrating for those who want to take advantage of their lunch hour to shop.

For the last few days however, those who visit the shop will be surprised to learn that the bookshop doesn’t just close at 1pm but the whole day. A visit will see a locked door with a sign stating

We will remian closed from 1/11/2014 till further notice. For emergency only, For emergency only call Dipak 0733448405 or Ashwin 0731377057.”

Rumours have swirling around the Interwebs with some speculating that the old man who ran the shop passed on and his sons are currently in a battle for the control of the shop. We shall keep you posted as and when news is immediately available.