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Wayetu Moore wins Premio Inge Feltrinelli 2023

Wayetu Moore’s I draghi, il gigante le donne, the Italian translation of her 2020 memoir, won the inaugural Premio Inge Feltrinelli 2023 in Milan, Italy on Wednesday, March 8, 2023.

Premio Inge Feltrinelli was set up by the Giangiacomo Feltrinelli Foundation and the Feltrinelli Group to celebrate a German-born Italian photographer and director Inge Schönthal Feltrinelli. Alongside her side Carlos she ran the Italian publishing house Giangiacomo Feltrinelli Editore. It was aimed at women and youth who use the written word as a vehicle for civil participation from three different angles. These are journalism and photo journalism, Human Rights under Construction: Fiction and non-fiction works; as well as Human Rights in Practice: Project ideas for investigative podcasts or secondary schools.

The first edition of the prize was hosted this year with the finalists in the Human Rights in Practice for fiction and nonfiction being revealed on February 8 as;

  • Prostitute in rivolta. La lotta per i diritti delle sex worker, Molly Smith, Juno Mac
  • La mia fuga da Kabul. Diario dei cinque giorni che mi hanno ridato la libertà, Asmā
  • Sono fame, Natalia Guerrieri
  • I draghi, il gigante, le donne, Wayétu Moore
  • Mill Town. La resa dei conti, Kerri Arsenault
Wayetu Moore (Centre) at the Premio Inge Feltrinelli 2023 ceremony in Milan.
Wayetu Moore (Centre) at the Premio Inge Feltrinelli 2023 ceremony in Milan.

The winners were announced at a ceremony in Milan on Tuesday with the winner of the “Rights in Construction” Award, dedicated to fiction and non-fiction works being Wayétu Moore for I draghi, il gigante le donne the Italian translation of her 2020 memoir The Dragons, the Giant and the Women (E/O Editions). The book translated by Tiziana Lo Porto tells the story of the civil war that bled Liberia between the eighties and the nineties, while forcing us to come to terms with systemic racism that affects even the seemingly most progressive societies. A story of war and escape, that also has the grace of a fairy tale. Wayétu Moore is an important voice on the transformation of a world – the African one – where women are increasingly conquering strength and power, showing an extraordinarily vital lead.

Watch the ceremony of the event below (Wayetu Moore receives her award at 2:00 hours)

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