Vincent R Ogoti

Vincent R Ogoti launched his debut play A Shadow In The Sun at the National Museum of Kenya in Nairobi on August 16, 2019.

On August 9, a new play A Shadow in the Sun, co-directed by Vincent R. Ogoti and Kevin M. Mosigisi played at the University of Nairobi Traveling Theatre. The play which was written by Vincent R. Ogoti, unfolds with what seems like a perfectly organized family. The father, mother, and daughter are all well-educated and doing well in their careers. The audience then encounters the daughter’s friend and you start noticing the shadows that run through this family, shadows that redefine their lives and what they consider as moral and just.

On August 16 the play, published by Pearl Publishers, was formally launched at the main library at the National Museum of Kenya. The event which was hosted by the Writers Guild of Kenya was attended by the play’s writer who is a Ph.D. student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a Yale University Fulbright Fellow.

The writer explained how he wrote the play partly in the United States, where he is currently based, and partly on the plane on the way back. He then sat down with friends at one of the many Java Coffee houses in town to finish the project showing the collaborative side of theatre writing. The writers then went through the process of bringing it to stage with the University Of Nairobi Travelling Theatre.

Here are some videos from the launch that I recorded on my trusty cellphone.