The Golden Comar Prize ceremony Photo/
The Golden Comar Prize ceremony Photo/

Tunisia’s leading literary prize The Golden Comar Prize 2016 was handed out at a ceremony in Tunis on April 30, 2016.

Ali Znaidi recently reported on his blog which focuses on Tunisian literature about the recently held Golden Comar Prize. The prize was created in 1997 by the insurance company Assurances Comar (Tunisie) to support literary creation, and encourage Tunisian writers, especially novelists. The award goes for books in both French and Arabic.

The prize is handed out every April which also coincides with the International Day of the Book. It is held under the patronage of Minister of Culture and Heritage Preservation, with the ceremony held in the Tunis Municipal Theatre. Previous winners of the prize include Hussein El-Wad, Mustapha Tlili, and Anwar Attia.

This year’s prize was the 20th edition and it was hosted as is tradition at the Municipal Theatre of Tunis April 30, 2016. The biggest winners on the night were Fawzia Zouari Fawzi Mellah, Nabiha Aïssa and Emna Remili.

For the Tunisian French-language novel, the Golden Comar went to both Fawzia Zouari for her novel (Le Corps de ma MèreMy Mother’s Body as well as Fawzi Melah for his novel (Ya Khil SalemOh, Salem’s Horses!

For the Tunisian Arabic novel, two authors were also crowned; Emna Rmili for her novel (Toujane)* Toujane and Nabiha Aïssa for her novel (Maraya Al-GhiebMirrors of Absence.
The other prizes were:

*Arabic language prizes:
-The Jury Special Prize was awarded jointly to Mouldi Dhaou for his novel (Siratou Al-MaatouhThe Idiot’s Biography and Chedia Guesmi (or Kasmi) (Al-MassabThe Dumping Ground.
-Discovery Prize was awarded to Hanene Jenane for her novel (CatharsisCatharsis.
*French language prizes:
-The Jury Special Prize was awarded to Mohamed Harmel for his novel (Les rêves perdus de LeylaLeyla’s Aborted Dreams.
-Discovery Prize was awarded to Wafa Ghorbel for her novel (Le Jasmin NoirThe Black Jasmine.