Translations for books by Sisonke Msimang, Nassur Attoumani, Ayesha Harruna Attah, and Kọ́lá Túbọ̀sún are currently available for your reading pleasure.

Book: Und Immer Wieder Aufbrechen
Original Title: Always Another Country (2017)
Author: Sisonke Msimang
Translator: Tatjana Kruse
Publisher:  Haymon Verlag
Publishing Date: July 13, 2021
Language: English to German

Born in exile, in Zambia, to a guerrilla father and a working mother, Sisonke Msimang is constantly on the move. Her parents, talented and highly educated, travel from Zambia to Kenya and Canada and beyond with their young family. Always the outsider, and against a backdrop of racism and xenophobia, Sisonke develops her keenly perceptive view of the world. In this sparkling account of a young girl’s path to womanhood, Sisonke interweaves her personal story with her political awakening in America and Africa, her euphoria at returning to the new South Africa, and her disillusionment with the new elites. Confidential and reflective, Always Another Country is a search for belonging and identity: a warm and intimate story that will move many readers.

Book: My Husband Is Worth Than A Madman, He’s A Man
Original Title: Mon mari est plus qu’un fou : c’est un homme (2006)
Author: Nassur Attoumani
Yves Henri Cloarec
Publisher:  Independently published
Publishing Date: June 16, 2021
Language: French to English

An older woman from the Comoros Islands remembers and narrates her troubled life with her first husband: the vulgar, controlling and wife-beating government bureaucrat she once believed would be the man of her life. In addition to the violence of which she was the victim, the young bride she was had to confront humiliation and exile from the safety and comfort of her family; but, because she “was brought up that way,” taught that such was the life of a wife, she accepted everything—for a time. Indeed, as her wise grandmother used to teach her: “Despite its venom, the scorpion still ends up in the hen’s gullet.”

My Husband is Worse than a Madman is not merely an attack on male hegemony in Comorian society, nor is it even solely a call to the raising of consciousness of women there. It is also a biting satire of the effects of colonialism on small nations. Attoumani celebrates the cultural integrity of his island nation in spite of France’s colonial and post-colonial dominion. The novel exists in a unique space at the intersection of Gender, Religion, Culture, Colonialism… and a devilish sense of Irony tempered by sensitivity.

Book: Het Diepe Blauw
Original Title: The Deep Blue Between (2020)
Author: Ayesha Harruna Attah
Translator: Jacqueline Smit.
Publisher:  Uitgeverij Orlando
Publishing Date: July 15, 2021
Language: English to Dutch

Twin sisters Hassana and Husseina’s home is in ruins after a brutal raid. But this is not the end but the beginning of their story, one that will take them to unfamiliar cities and cultures, where they will forge new families, ward off dangers and truly begin to know themselves.

As the twins pursue separate paths in Brazil and the Gold Coast of West Africa, they remain connected through shared dreams of water. But will their fates ever draw them back together?

A sweeping adventure with richly evocative historical settings, The Deep Blue Between is a moving story of the bonds that can endure even the most dramatic change.

Book:  Ìgbà Èwe
Original Title: Childhood
Author: Emily R. Grosholz
 Kọ́lá Túbọ̀sún
Publisher:  Kọ́lá Túbọ̀sún
Publishing Date: July 14, 2021
Language: English to Yoruba

In this gorgeous, heartwarming collection about childbirth and adopting, children and parents, the poems by accomplished poet Emily R. Grosholz interact with color drawings by gifted Parisian artist Lucy Vines.A fixed percentage from the sale of this book will go to an international organization that works to protect and encourage children worldwide, by providing food and water, medical attention, shelter from violence, and education; this children’s humanitarian organization has saved more lives than any other.