Translations for books by Hemley Boum, Yvonne Adhiambo Owuor, Sulaiman Addonia, and Brandon Taylor are currently available for your reading pleasure.

Book: De Daagen Komen en Gaan
Original Title: Les Jours Vont et Viennent
Author: Hemley Boum
Translators: Mieke Maassen, Gertrud Maes and Alice Teekman
Publisher: Uitgeverijorlando
Publishing Date: December 1, 2020
Language: French to Dutch


Three generations of women tell their story and thus sketch the contemporary history of Cameroon. In her old age, Anna remembers her eventful life in a rapidly changing Cameroon. Her only daughter, Abi, who chose to live in France, keeps her company. A young woman, Tina, a survivor of the Boko Haram camps, joins them and tells her story. With the stories of these women, Hemley Boum tells the contemporary history of Cameroon through universal human values, feelings and contradictions. The Days Come and Go is an impressive novel about love, family ties and friendship.

Book: Das Meer der Libellen
Original Title: The Dragonfly Sea
Author: Yvonne Adhiambo Owuor
Translator:  Simone Jakob
Publisher: DuMont Buchverlag GmbH
Publishing Date:
September 22, 2020
Language: English to German


On the island of Pate, off the coast of Kenya, lives solitary, stubborn Ayaana and her mother, Munira. When a sailor named Muhidin, also an outsider, enters their lives, Ayaana finds something she has never had before: a father. But as Ayaana grows into adulthood, forces of nature and history begin to reshape her life and the island itself–from a taciturn visitor with a murky past to a sanctuary-seeking religious extremist, from dragonflies to a tsunami, from black-clad kidnappers to cultural emissaries from China. Ayaana ends up embarking on a dramatic ship’s journey to the Far East, where she will discover friends and enemies; be seduced by the charming but unreliable scion of a powerful Turkish business family; reclaim her devotion to the sea; and come to find her own tenuous place amid a landscape of beauty and violence and surprising joy. Told with a glorious lyricism and an unerring sense of compassion, The Dragonfly Sea is a transcendent story of adventure, fraught choices, and of the inexorable need for shelter in a dangerous world.

Book: Stilte is Mijn Moedertaal
Original Title: Silence Is My Mother Tongue
Author: Sulaiman Addonia
Translators: Irwan Droog
Publisher: Uitgeverij Jurgen Maas
Publishing Date: April 1, 2021
Language: English to Dutch


On a hill overlooking a refugee camp in Sudan, a young man strings up bedsheets that, in an act of imaginative resilience, will serve as a screen in his silent cinema. From the cinema he can see all the comings and goings in the camp, especially those of two new arrivals: a girl named Saba, and her mute brother, Hagos.

For these siblings, adapting to life in the camp is not easy. Saba mourns the future she lost when she was forced to abandon school, while Hagos, scorned for his inability to speak, must live vicariously through his sister. Both resist societal expectations by seeking to redefine love, sex, and gender roles in their lives, and when a businessman opens a shop and befriends Hagos, they cast off those pressures and make an unconventional choice.

With this cast of complex, beautifully drawn characters, Sulaiman Addonia details the textures and rhythms of everyday life in a refugee camp, and questions what it means to be an individual when one has lost all that makes a home or a future. Intimate and subversive, Silence Is My Mother Tongue dissects the ways society wages war on women and explores the stories we must tell to survive in a broken, inhospitable environment.’

Book: Una Vita Vera
Original Title: Real Life
Author: Brandon Taylor
Translators: Gioia Guerzoni
Publisher: Condici Edizioni
Publishing Date: May 12, 2021
Language: English to Italian


Real Life is the 2020 debut novel of Alabama-born American writer Brandon Taylor. Described as a campus novel and a coming-of-age novel, the partly autobiographical book tells of the experiences of a gay, Black doctoral student in a predominantly White, Midwestern PhD program.