In which we recommend new titles from Bernardine Evaristo and Laila Lalami now available in translation.

Translation is a vital aspect in the publishing arena as work gets new audiences always being sought out by writers. Here are two of the newest for those who speak French.

Author: Laila Lalami
Book: The Other Americans
Publisher: Pantheon
Publishing date: March 26, 2019.
Translation: Les Autres Américains
Language: English to French.
French publisher: Christian Bourgois éditeur
Translator: Aurélie Tronchet
Date available: September 3, 2020
Available: Amazon.

Laila Lalami is the author of the novels The Moor’s Account (2014), Secret Son (2009), and Hope and Other Dangerous Pursuits (2005). Her newest book The Other Americans was a Los Angeles Times bestseller, a finalist for the National Book Award, and was announced an Arab American Book Award winner on August 31. The book translated by Aurélie Tronchet into French will be available from September 3. Here is its blurb;

One spring evening, after leaving the diner he owned, Driss Guerraoui, an American of Moroccan origin, was brutally hit by a car and died instantly. The driver of the vehicle fled.

The news of his disappearance comes as a shock to his family, and rekindles wounds and questions that everyone would have preferred to leave behind. Was this death a tragic traffic accident, or should it be seen as the mark of a racist crime? For if the Guerraoui are the prime example of successful immigration, American society may not be done with the rejection of the other. Nora, Driss’s youngest daughter, is convinced of it.

Against the background of an investigation, several characters take turns to tell their story. These voices unite and contradict each other to relate their daily lives in America today, and make the small town of California where this novel takes place the scene of its most buried identity tensions.

Author: Bernardine Evaristo
  Girl, Woman, Other
Publisher:  Hamish Hamilton
Publishing date:  May 2, 2019
Translation:  Fille, Femme, Autre
Language:  English to French
Translation publisher:  Globe
Translator:  Françoise Adelstain
Date available:  September 2, 2020.
Available: Amazon.

Bernardine Evaristo is the author of a dozen novels the most famous of which is Girl, Woman, Other which was has won several prize including the Booker Prize. The book which is already available in Greek, and Spanish will now be available to readers in French. The new title translated by Françoise Adelstain and published by Globe has the following blurb;

Teeming with energy, humour and heart, a love song to black Britain told by twelve very different people

Grace is a Victorian orphan dreaming of the mysterious African father she will never meet. Winsome is a young Windrush bride, recently arrived from Barbados.

Amma is the fierce queen of her 1980s squatters’ palace.

Morgan, who used to be Megan, is blowing up on social media, the newest activist-influencer on the block.

Twelve very different people, mostly black and female, more than a hundred years of change, and one sweeping, vibrant, glorious portrait of contemporary Britain.

Bernardine Evaristo presents a gloriously new kind of history for this old country: ever-dynamic, ever-expanding and utterly irresistible.