The Village Square Journal

The Village Square Journal

The Village Square journal is seeking out the best in essays, cut-edge fiction and poetry, and reviews.

The Village Square Journal is a literary/political magazine that intends to become fulcrum of the promotion and appreciation of all forms of visual arts & photography, contemporary literature and an abode for a variety of literary genres as well as other forms of written arts.

The new publication was founded by three Nigerians; Obinna Udenwe, the author of Satans & Shaitans, Osemome Ndebbio, a writer and educator who designs needs-based learning and training programmes for individuals and organisations, and Amara Chimeka, a professional editor who also creates literacy enhancement resources and facilitates reading programmes for schools. Also included in their editorial team are Ngum Ngafor, a Cameroonian freelance writer, Marketing Executive and founder of Africally Speaking and Noma Sibanda, a Zimbabwean writer and an entrepreneur living in Canada.

The aim of the journal, they say is to foster diverse voices and to serve as a compendium of contemporary world literature and art. They accept and publish high level essays on political situations around the world, religion and its interaction with the wider society, cultural and traditional experiences, as well as cut-edge fiction and creative-nonfiction that addresses personal experiences, travel and more. They also accept and publish poetry that engineers critical thinking, and interviews, as well as book reviews.

The Village Square will go live by mid-February and they can only open for submissions by then to essays on politics, religion, economics and more. While they would not publish news stories, they will publish opinion pieces on current affairs and issues happening around the world. They will also accept and publish cutting-edge fiction, poetry, interviews, creative nonfiction and book reviews.

You can learn more about this new journal set to storm the African literary space on Twitter and on Facebook or email them at [email protected] .