Crew6The team at the Storymoja have done an amazing job this year. Without any major disaster (at least at the venue) it went smoothly for the most part for the team with Patron, Dr Auma Obama, founder Muthoni Garland alongside Dawn Makena and their team doing a great job.

A few quibbles about the event. The National Museum of Kenya is not disability friendly for the most part. If you were in a wheelchair or on crutches your would not have been able to get about as easily as you might have wanted to watch events in the dome which was at the far end of the festival. We are building a world class festival so we need to think world class. Access to people with disability allows more people to catch the bug; especially those who have been left out by our mean Nairobi society.

Crew5The food for the artists left a lot to desired. These are the people who are selling your event; the rock stars. The least you could give them is a decent meal when they are doing their job. They aren’t even being paid for the most part so a decent meal is the least you can do.

Apart from that this was an amazing festival and I want to say a big thank you to everyone who brought is the biggest baddest festival in many a year. This one’s for you….

Patron, Dr Auma Obama,

Festival founder Muthoni Garland

Chief organiser – Dawn Makena

Crew2Artist Management & Transport

  1. Lucie Sedlackova – team leader
  2. Bryan Atema Muliru.
  3. Daisy Awiti
  4. Ruth Thogori Kihara
  5. Ann- Sharon Njavika
  6. Shirley N. Otube
  7. Sarah Mugo
  8. Elaine Kamari – Transport
  9. Dennis M. Wachira

The Start A Library team

  1. Anne Eboso – team leader
  2. Grace Wangari
  3. Rose Atieno
  4. Kibali Moreithi


  1. Alex Kandie – Team leader
  2. Sharon Naliaka Majani
  3. Imelda Awuor Alloo
  4. Otieno S Owino
  5. Emily AchiengCrew3 Schools Programme
    1) Millicent Dok – Team Leader
    2) Bernadette Muthoni
    3) Kuya Ayiecha
    4) Sam Dennis Otieno
    5) Irene Wangui Kung’u
    6) Tracy Nderitu
    7) Monica Gathoni
    8) Rhoda Kathambi Naman
    9) May Micwemirungi
    10) Cynthia Nyakurira
    11) Vanessa Njambi
    12) Emmanuel Wanjuu
    13) Steve Anthony Ougo
    14) Lisa W. Macharia
    15) George Kinuthia Karanja
    16) Agnes Kirigo
    17) Hellen Masido Mwambi
    18) Tracy Nduta Kariuki
    19) Sandra Abongo
    20) Ng’ang’a Kariuki
    21) Tito Tryphonah Mumo
    22) Janice Iche

Crew4Site management

  1. Faith A. Kioko – Team leader
  2. Melissa A. Dorsila
  3. Samson Odhiambo
  4. Wesley Paul Nderi
  5. Benedicto Momanyi – Staff Tent

Social Media

  1. Juliet Maruru – Team leader
  2. Victor Karuga
  3. Joseph Lweya Samwa


  1. Moses Kaithya – Team leader
  2. Brown Ikonya
  3. Omar Hamisi


  1. Anne Masai – Team leader
  2. Kahi Lundu
  3. Millicent Apondi
  4. Christine Wanja Thiong’o
  5. Ivy Kiarie
  6. Claire Njoki
  7. Kennedy Juma

LOUIS LEAKEY – Brenda M. Kamau – Venue Head
1. Natasha N. Gichuki

FORD HALL Linda Wairegi – Venue Head
1. Valary Mumbo

CAREERPEDIA TENT – Patricia Maina – Venue Head
1. Lesley L. Awino
2. Wangui R. Kubai

KANGA TENT Fred Obondo – Venue Head
1. Donnah Cindy
2. Brian Mulu

COURTYARD Ian Arunga – Venue Head
1) Abel Kibe Karuiki

DOME Joel Siaga – Venue Head
1) Velma Fanis Mareba
2) Kathleen Siminyu

COCONUT THEATRE Hillary Namunyu – Venue Head
1. Richard N. Muthama

KOKORIKO TENT Job Mokaya – Venue Head
1. Catherine Ndonga

AMPHITHEATRE Denet Odhiambo – Venue Head
1) Edel Were
2) Peter Ngila