UNIMPORTANCE_low-resSouth African writer Thando Mgqolozana burst onto the African literary scene in 2009 with his debut novel A Man is Not A Man published by KZN. This novel spoke of a very African rite of passage circumcision and how it can go bad as the protagonist has his penis falling off after initiation when there is no proper treatment. Yes. That’s some scary ish considering many Kenyan communities circumcise and no one has imagined just how some of the children cope when it all goes horribly wrong.

His second novel came out in 2011 was with Jacana Media and was called Hear me Alone. This book discusses in detail the immaculate conception of the savior of the world (Jesus NOT Vince McMahon) with an African twist.

His latest book Un-importance, also with Jacana Media, is a gripping account of 12 anxiety-stricken hours in the life of Zizi, a university student and candidate in the upcoming SRC presidential election, and his struggle to balance his pristine public image with his darker private life as read from Bookslive.co.za.

The book launched on Friday in Cape Town so the books are in South African stores for those of you live in the Southern African country and must have the physical copy. For the rest of us on the continent we have to make do with the Amazon version until the publisher gets the books to us in our villages.

For those of you who want to judge the man’s writing skills without pulling out your wallet I recommend the Death By Death short story. Brilliant.