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YouTube Videos from the Storymoja Festival 2015

So I have finally uploaded all the videos that I took at the Storymoja Festival 2015 that happened this month. The videos were taken over a two day period on the Saturday and Saturday with a Samsung J7 which I am still learning how to use. Therefore the quality of the videos isn’t world class […]

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Storymoja Festival 2015: Blog numbero uno

The Storymoja festival was in high gear at its new venue the Nairobi Arboretum. The activities were mainly targeted at the younger Kenyan population to get them to understand the importance of reading. School children attended the festival from Wednesday to Friday and were wowed by Reading Ambassadors like Sauti Sol and Anto Neosoul. In […]


Caine Prize 2015 judging panel announced in Nigeria

The people who will be judging the Caine Prize for 2015 have been revealed. The announcement was made earlier today at the ongoing at the Ake Arts and Book Festival in Abeokuta, Nigeria. The Caine Prize, for the four visitors from Kyrgyzstan who visited this blog in May, is named after the late Sir Michael […]

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Caine Prize signs with Nigerian publisher Lantern Books

There’s great news for all of you who will be at the Ake Festival in a few days. The good folks at the Caine Prize have signed a deal with Nigerian publishing company, Lantern Books, to publish the 2014 edition of the Caine Prize anthology, The Gonjon Pin and Other Stories. Lantern Books have committed […]


Ake Festival assures guests on Ebola, has cool artist line up

So you heard about Ebola and how it is terrorising the Western part of this continent no? Well its concerning many people who want to head to that part of our rock for whatever reason. Well even the literature world is not spared as two of the biggest literary festivals were lined up for Nigeria; […]