Five kickass African novels that need to be made into movies

We need to see these five kickass African novels beloved by many become movies we can all watch at the movies. Those who attended the recently ended Writivism 2016 must have been pleased to find that they could watch one of the continents most beloved books turned movie; Chimamanda Adichie’s Half of A Yellow Sun. […]

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Happiness is a Four Letter Word novel for film debut

Happiness is a Four Letter Word is the debut novel of South African novelist Cynthia Jele. The book came out in 2010 and won a raft of awards in South Africa and abroad. One of the awards the book won was the MNET literary award in 2011 which meant that the book would be commissioned […]

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Five things I learnt from “Happiness is a four letter word”

  After the terrifying experience I had to go through in Seychelles I had to be sure about these South African writers. Can they all write as well as the aforementioned Angela Makholwa? Would I have to now start getting my supply of literature from the Southern African country which is now coming back with […]