Swahili Literary Festival 2019.

The Swahili Literary Festival 2019 is set for Mombasa, Kenya from March 1-3, 2019. This will be the first running of the festival in the coastal city with the theme “Celebrating Achievement.”

A new initiative called the Swahili Literary Festival is set to be hosted on the coast of Kenya by the Swahili Pot Hub. The festival will be celebrating the achievements of individuals who have contributed to the preservation and promotion of Swahili Cultural Heritage through various forms. These are contributions in prose, poetry, music, academic achievements & contributions, and history by folks like the late professors Ali Mazrui and Nabhany Sheikh and many others.

Apart from honouring the legends, activities set for the festival include booklogues, book exhibitions, scholarly discussions, Swahili Roll of Honor, creative writing competition awards, a writing workshop for high school students, art & photography exhibition etc.

Event organisers promise to share information on guests and other activities as the event dates come closer.