Sulaiman Addonia

Sulaiman Addonia was revealed to be a winner at the Golden Afro Artistic Awards 2021 for literature in Brussels, Belgium on Saturday, September 11, 2021.

The Golden Afro Artistic Awards were founded to highlight hidden talents from the African diaspora, Afro-descendant talents who find it difficult to receive all the light spots that there are in Belgian culture. Its role is to value, to create inclusion and not just to create a corner in which Afro-descendants develop their art. This is to show the world and the Belgian public who these are who do not have the chance to be highlighted. It was founded and first hosted by Nel Tsopo Nziemi editor-in-chief of Brukmer in 2016.

The jury for 2021 comprised Kool Koor, Thomas Prédour, Jean-Yves Reumont, Yamila Idrissi, and Aimé Mpané. These judges announced winners in several categories with the one with an interest to our audience being Belgian-based, Eritrean-Ethiopian writer Sulaiman Addonia. Addonia is the writer of the novels The Consequences of Love (2008) and Silence Is My Mother Tongue (2018).

Sulaiman Addonia revealed his big win with the following tweet;