Submissions are sought for women writers by the Puntland Women’s Writers Association and the African Women’s Development Fund’s African Women’s Writers Workshop 2019.

There are opportunities available to women writers. If you identify as a woman here are two opportunities in different sides of the African continent you can pursue.

African Women’s Writers Workshop 2019.

The African Women’s Development Fund (AWDF) invites African women writers and journalists to apply for the African Women’s Writers Workshop 2019. The ten-day writing workshop takes place in Ghana from October 21-30, 2019. The workshop will be facilitated by award-winning writer Yewande Omotoso and internationally acclaimed journalist, Sylvia Vollenhoven.

This workshop is targeted at women writers, journalists, and activists who wish to step-up their involvement in highlighting issues around women’s rights and social justice and who wish to improve and practice their personal writing skills. Participants will be expected to read widely from assigned selected texts, and to complete daily writing exercises.

In you are interested in this opportunity click here for more information. Your deadline for submission is June 24, 2019.

Puntland Women Writers Association.

The Puntland Women Writers Association is a Somali women’s network organization that was established 5 years ago. It promotes Somali women’s participation in cultural, social, economic and political activities by providing them a platform in which they can voice their opinions on matters that affect them.

Are you an aspiring writer, great story teller, poet, visual artist, photographer or music composer? If yes, this is an opportunity for you to showcase your talent. The Puntland Women Writers Association is looking for you and wants you to be part of this great initiative to explore the rich literature and art culture of the Somali community and also become a Champion for change.

For more information about this opportunity please click here. Your deadline is June 5, 2019.