Some of the titles pinned on the publisher's Pinterest.
Some of the titles pinned on the publisher’s Pinterest.

One of the most innovative publishers in Kenya has to be the Storymoja Publishing left by Muthoni Garland. They have the most output fiction wise where some of the new companies operating in Kenya are concerned. They also have several initiatives to bring reading to the fore like Start A Library.

The biggest event in the firms calendar also happens to be Kenya’s biggest literary festival the Storymoja Hay festival. The festival is a few days of literary awesomeness with writers from around the continent and the planet. Last year’s festival was pretty cool one and I had a pretty cool time as did several of the people who showed up.

This year’s version of the festival is coming soon (September) . With this in mind the company is gearing up for the occasion with several new things. For one they have set up a the storymoja Pinterest page with several boards including Books from Africa, Know your African writers and off course a special board for the 2013 festival.