Storymoja Publishers will be attempting to break the world record in number of people reading aloud at the same time at the Kenyan National Read Aloud Campaign on June 16, 2021.

Since Storymoja Publishers were started in 2007, they have been involved in many activities that have put them at the centre of Kenyan literary discourse. For many years, apart from their publishing, they were famous for the Storymoja festival which from 2008 to 2017 brought some of the biggest names in writing to Nairobi.

In recent years, they have invested in campaigns to ensure that there are more readers in our nation. One of their strategies was the National Read Aloud campaign where the book Attack of the Shidas by Muthoni Muchemi is read by students in schools across the country at the same time. In 2015, their efforts had 229,043 children from 1,097 schools across 44 counties reading the text which was a world record.

Storymoja Publishers have announced that they will be attempting to break the world record for reading aloud at the National Read Aloud day this year yet again. Storymoja describes the events set to happen in a few days thus;

“This is the world’s largest gathering of Kenyan children reading aloud from the same text and at the same time in multiple locations. The event is conducted annually on the International Day of the African Child on June 16th. It is a 30-minute expressive and interesting reading exercise that runs from 8:30am-9am on the chosen day, in which children in different schools across the country read the same text at the same time. They are joined in various ways by Reading Ambassadors drawn from a cross section of society.”

Dr Auma Obama
Dr Auma Obama

The patron for this initiative is Dr Auma Obama who in her statement on why she is happy to associated with the event states, “The only reason I am the patron of this wonderful initiative is because I believe with all my heart that reading storybooks promotes literacy and critical thinking. Stories invite debate and stimulate the exploration of values and issues affecting how we live with each other. Stories help children develop empathy.”

The Nairobi-based organisation has already signed up many partners for this initiative including All For Books, the Kenyan Ministry of Sports, Culture and Heritage, Dada Digital, Elimu Fanaka, Kenya Connect, Lulu FM, Goethe Institut, Maramoja Transport, Writers Guild, and many others.

If you wish to take part in this historic attempt at a world record, please click here.`