Muthoni Garland
Muthoni Garland

Storymoja Publishers is known worldwide for their festival the Storymoja Festival that happens in September every year. The thing about them is that as the name of the organisation states, it is a publishing outfit not just an organiser of festivals.

The outfit has started 2016 with a bang as they do a variety of initiatives.

The first of these is the search for Read Aloud Ambassadors for this month. These ambassadors will join hundreds of children from around Kenya to at the 7th Read Aloud on January 29th 2016.

These read aloud events aren’t to be sniffed at. The last time that it happened on June 15, 2015 the readers broke the world record for people reading one text with 229,043. Who knows how many people will be part of the next attempt? The deadline passed on Friday January 15, 2016 so we now waiting with baited breath to know who the ambassadors are.

For those who started the new year determined to write that book that has been in them and it needs to get out there is something for you. There are hosting as series of writing workshops led by Muthoni Garland and Rebecca Nandwa to help you in that journey; if you want more information I suggest that you click here.

Thats one hell of a big bang to start the year.