Storymoja breaks the reading aloud record

Kids break the world record
Kids break the world record

They have been threatening to do it and they have finally done it. Our friends from Storymoja have finally broken the work record for the most people reading aloud from the same text at the same time from different venues. This was at the latest record attempt on June 15 during the day of the African child after several years of trying. The record has not been verified by the Guinness Book of World Records.

The numbers of people who read were 229,043 children from 1,097 schools across 44 counties. Which is impressive if you consider that Kenya has 47 counties; only three of them missed out. The number does not take into account the number of teachers, volunteers and reading ambassadors who joined up with the children to read aloud from the text of ‘Attack of the Shidas’ by Muthoni Muchemi. The current world record is held by the USA with 223,363 people in 909 venues. You can see more images of the public readings here.

The next Storymoja Read Aloud will be held on 29th January 2016. We hope that with your assistance and support, we can rally 1,000,000 participants across the country to read aloud with us. Another world record shall be attempted.

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