Storymoja breaks Kenya’s national reading record

Kids read aloud in different venues. Photo/Storymoja
Kids read aloud in different venues. Photo/Storymoja

According to Guinness World Records™, the record for the most people reading aloud from the same document simultaneously is 223,363 participants at 909 venues across the United States for an event organized by Walden Media on December 13, 2006.
The good people at Storymoja have been gunning to break that record for the last few years which is why 30th of January was the day that we tried to break the record. They were to read “Attack of the Shidas” at different venues.

Our Storymoja friends did their best but they didn’t quite get the world record. 160,190 children from 422 schools in 12 counties did read at the same time.

Its not a world record but a Kenya national record. We’ll take it.

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