Stanley Gazemba’s latest book Callused Hands is out

callused handsWriter Stanley Gazemba is one of the more respected writers on the Kenyan literary scene. His most known book is The Stone Hills of Maragoli which won the Jomo Kenyatta Literary Prize in 2003, one of Kenya ‘s most prestigious literary awards. Apart from this award winner he has written many titles for both adults and children in the last few years many of which can be accessed on his personal website at

He was also favourably mentioned during the Kwani Manuscript project as well as for being selected as a reserve of the Miles Morland Scholarship when the winners were announced recently.

His latest book Callused Hands from Nsemia Inc. Publishers is now out. The book is a fictional account of labour serving capital in Kenyan plantations. The book is described this way by the publisher; “Kenyan coffee is renowned all over the world for its distinctive quality and hence reputation. It graces tables of the finest eateries from London to New York, and has been romanticized by those who visited the country and were enchanted by it. At one point it was the leading contributor to the country’s foreign revenue. Unknown to many in the world the slavery-like conditions under which it is produced. Callused Hands explores some of these difficult conditions under which this precious ‘black gold’ is produced, and the unseen faces that grovel under the surface in ensuring that gourmet consumers in the West are fed.”

You can now buy it on the writers portal.

By James Murua

This blog is run by James Murua a Nairobi, Kenya based lover of books.

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