The Imbiza Journal for African Writing launched to the public with a call for submissions on December 12, 2020.

December 12 saw a new addition to the journals that are produced by and featuring African and Black writers. The new publication is called Imbiza Journal which comes from the isiXhosa word which means a pot used for cooking food. For many in that community, Imbiza symbolises nourishment. In naming the journal Imbiza, the founders have modelled it on the food, mind food we hazard. that feeds individuals, families, and communities.

Imbiza Journal, based in South Africa, is an inclusive publishing platform for creative writing, criticism, academic writing, and intellectual engagement for African thinkers, cultural workers, and activists. The team will extend its reach across the African continent and the diaspora both in its content and distribution. It will be published biannually in both print and electronic formats.

The first issue of Imbiza. which will be out in May/June 2021, will include essays on Fees Must Fall, Politics of Writing, Short Stories in Contemporary SA; Poems in English, Sepedi, and Tshitsonga; Comics in English and isiZulu; Short Stories in Kiswahili and isiXhosa; Book Club coverage as well as Profile Features of some prominent South African artists.

To check out the new publication and to submit your work please click here.