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Sigana International Storytellers Festival 2018 kicks off.

The Sigana International Storytellers Festival 2018 kicked off with a session at the Kenya National Library Services in Buruburu, Nairobi on May 30, 2018.

The Sigana International Storytelling Festival provides Kenyan audiences and lovers of the age-old sacred art of storytelling the rare opportunity to experience both homegrown and “diasporan” performances. The festival, which first ran in 2009, is a creation of zamaleoACT a registered arts and culture public trust organization with a focus on creation and presentation of African creative performance expressions.

The festival kicked off on May 30 at the Kenya National Library Service in Buruburu, Nairobi with the librarian welcoming the audience that comprised mainly of kids from schools in the area like Buruburu Primary 1, Thomas Burke and more as well as home schooled children.

With the librarian having welcomed all, there were performances by South African Baletsi Tsatsi, Christa Komba from Tanzania, Kenya’s Hellen Alumbe Namai, and more. The performances included telling stories of folk tales new and old that kept the children spellbound until the events ended at 1pm.

The festival continues in venues around the country until June 9.

Here are images from the morning courtesy of Timothy from the library service.

Christa Komba
Christa Komba
Hellen Alumbe Namai
Hellen Alumbe Namai
Sigana Storytelling
Sigana Storytelling

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You’re doing a great job. How can we use story telling in Africa to transform and freer ourselves from colonial bondage?

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