Short story writer Temo Buliro enters the Kenyan literature fray

Kenyan writer Temo.
Kenyan writer Temo.

The Kenyan literature scene is a very fluid concept. Promises so much but delivery is much lower than the hype. We are always for the next big thing to tout as… well… the next big thing. Last night what could be considered the real next big thing emerged; Temo Buliro.

The Nairobi born writer was unleashing her book Faceless Voices to an appreciative audience at the Goethe Institut in Wakulima House in Nairobi. It was an all star cast on that panel of here that included a university professor, an Oprah book club listed writer and a publisher. The panel was led by editor and poetry writer Phyllis Muthoni.

The crowd saw folks like Muthoni Garland (looking fab why lie) the Storymoja publisher who also has a few titles to her name with her colleague Millie Dok. There was also in there Khainga Okwemba who has a book called Smiles in Pathos and Other Poems published by Nsemia Inc which happens to be ran by Matunda Nyanchama the panelist at front. Also there was The Literary Gangster aka Tony Mochama who also has a short story collection (I didn’t really enjoy).

The day belonged to Temo who with her calming voice emerged as one of those voices to watch out for. The writer has strong opinions on literature and its quality. “We can’t just put out garbage out there” was something she said that really stuck with me. Lucky for her the work is very good reading. If you see the book at your local store please pick it up.

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