Scholastique Mukasonga novel “Our Lady of the Nile” now in German.

Scholastique Mukasonga’s novel Our Lady of the Nile which we mentioned as being in film production is now available for readers in German as The Holy Virgin of the Nile.

A few days ago we were excited to learn that Scholastique Mukasonga’s novel Our Lady of The Nile was being produced in Rwanda. The award-winning writer has over the last few years excelled in her work both in fiction and nonfiction writing principally in French. Her first attempt in fiction was with the Our Lady of the Nile published by Éditions Gallimard in 2012. The book would win here the Kourouma prize and the Renaudot prize in 2012, as well as the Océans France Ô prize in 2013 and the French Voices Award in 2014.

The English-language translation would follow in 2014 published in the United States by Archipelago Books. The book blurb describes it thus;

Mukasonga immerses us in a school for young girls, called “Notre-Dame du Nil.” The girls are sent to this high school perched on the ridge of the Nile in order to become the feminine elite of the country and to escape the dangers of the outside world. The book is a prelude to the Rwandan genocide and unfolds behind the closed doors of the school, in the interminable rainy season. Friendships, desires, hatred, political fights, incitation to racial violence, persecutions… The school soon becomes a fascinating existential microcosm of the true 1970s Rwanda.

It looks like the German readers will now be able to get their fix of the East African author with the new edition of the book called Die heilige Jungfrau vom Nil. Google translate renders that translation as The Holy Virgin of the Nile. The book translated by Andreas Jandl is published by Indra Wussow.