The shortlists for the Sawiris Cultural Award 2020 were announced on December 15, 2020.

The Sawiris Cultural Award, open to Egyptian nationals, is one of the richest on the continent with winners going home with thousands of US dollars in cash. The award is for the best novels, short-story collections, and screenplays to come out of the North African country in the last two years.

The shortlisted novels, short-story collections, and scenarios (screenplays) for 2020 are:

The shortlist for the Best Novel

  • Bayasat Al-Shawam by Ahmed El-Fakharany
  • What Remains of the Sun by Ahmed Al-Morsy
  • Random Arrangements by Donia Kamal El-Kalash
  • Ahamr Lareng Blood Oranges by Charles Akl
  • Camelia’s Ghosts by Nora Nagy

The shortlist for the Best Short Story Collections includes:

  • Sleep Thieves by Amgad Al-Sabban
  • Visions of the Holy City by OmaimaSobhi
  • As If the Story Is Missing by Gilan Al Shamsy
  • Long-term Plans by Muhammad Farag
  • A Report on Al-Refaeia by Muhammad Al-Fouly

The shortlist for the Best Scenario includes:

  • Alghazalat Alty Farat men Fena’ Almadrsa by Ahmed Ehab Abd al-Warith
  • Abdullah by Paula Tadros Thabit
  • Where Did Shakir Abaza Go? by Mahmoud Hassan Abdel-Alim
  • Hamlet by Sayed Abd El-Nabi
  • Kilo 35 by Mahmoud Ahmed Abdel Rahman

The winners of the Sawiris Prize 2020 will be announced at a ceremony at the Cairo Opera House in January 2021.

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