Sarraounia Prize for Young Adult Fiction

The Sarraounia Prize for Young Adult Fiction has made a callout for entries in English, French or Hausa.

The Sarraounia Prize for Young Adult Fiction is a new prize organised by the Arts & Culture programme at the Abdou Moumouni University in Niger in conjunction with Senegalese publishing house Amalion. It is aimed at ensuring there is more reading material for African young adults and to promote literature to help them better understand their world.

The award is named after the political and religious leader of the Azna subgroup of the Hausa referred to as the Sarraounia, which is Hausa for queen or female chief. The most famous of these was Sarraounia Mangou who led the fight against French colonial troops of the Voulet–Chanoine Mission at the Battle of Lougou (in present-day Nigeria) in 1899.

Every two years, the Sarraounia Prize will be awarded to the best-unpublished fiction for young adults written in English, French or Hausa by African authors and illustrators based in Africa.

For the 2020 edition, the winner will receive a prize of 1,000 euros, and the winning entry will be published and disseminated by Amalion and its partners. The prize will also explore all traditional and digital media technologies to disseminate its activities and endeavour to promote the writer and their work in various forums, in order to bring their work to the attention of book industry actors and the general public.

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Your deadline is September 30, 2019.