Suzanne Ushie

Saraba Magazine prequel: Let’s Talk About Something Else by Suzanne Ushie

Suzanne Ushie
Suzanne Ushie

Saraba Magazine has given a sneak peek of their new Power Anthology with the new story Let’s Talk About Something Else by Suzanne Ushie.

In May this year, I announced that Saraba is seeking peoples’ entries for its Power edition. It looks like the anthology is more of less ready if indicators are to be believed.

The good folks at Saraba Magazine have opted to give a sneak preview of the new anthology by announcing the release of one of the better stories therein. The story is from Suzanne Ushie who grew up in Calabar, Nigeria. Ushie has an MA in Creative Writing from the University of East Anglia, where she received the African Bursary for Creative Writing and made a Distinction. Her short stories have appeared in Fiction Fix, Conte Online, The Writing Disorder, Gambit: Newer African Writing and elsewhere. She is a 2016 Writer-in-Residence at Ledig House.

The story from this very accomplished writer is titled Let’s Talk About Something Else and features Uzilibe, a young woman who walks away from a job everyone else thinks she should have held onto. In the process, she tests the limits of a friendship, discovers the power of narrative, and perhaps finds herself.

It looks like our friends from Saraba have finally figured that if folks will value anything, work of art or otherwise, they will need to stump some cold hard cash for it. It’s about time. So you are asked to pay for this story at N150 with the premise that every purchase supports the work of Saraba Magazine. To purchase Let’s Talk About Something Else, click here. The story is available in PDF, MOBI, and EPUB.

I suspect that this isn’t a waste of your money of the previous editions of Saraba which can be access here are any indicator. So loosen your purse strings and support our people.


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