Saado Cali Warsame
Saado Cali Warsame

2014 was a horrible day in Somalia as many people lost their lives in a nation that still battles to emerge from decades of strife. One death that didn’t go unnoticed was that of brave human right activist and member of parliament Saado Ali Warsame on June 23. She was killed by assailants near her hotel in Mogadishu around 12.00 pm local time.

Warsame wasn’t just a political leader and human rights defender. She was also a poet. This is why the Puntland Women Writers Association (PWWA) is launching the first Annual Saado Ali Warsame Peace Poetry Awards 2015. With the prize, poets are asked to submit poems with the following theme; Does peace in Somalia matter to you?

If you enter you are eligible to win; 1st prize: 500 USD; 2nd prize: 300 USD; 3rd prize 200 USD.

If you are Somali and want to cultivate your creativity and submit your poems about peace in Somalia to [email protected] and get your chance to win.

The deadline 20th July 2015.