Clarisse Baleja Saidi
Clarisse Baleja Saidi

I have been keeping you abreast of an exciting new project coming out of Rwanda. Huza Press a publisher in the country are currently in the process of coming out with a new anthology with stories from the East African country.

The publisher has just announced the shortlist from the longer list of writers in the running for the US$1,000 first prize when a winner is announced later in the year. Those in the shortlist include;

  • Containers by Clarisse Baleja Saidi
  • Nomansland by Dayo Ntwari
  • I am Leaving you Today by Jean-Claude Mihire
  • Come Back Home by Anis Ndayisaba
  • The Little Red Car at the Gusaba by Eva Gara
  • Versus by Daniel Rafiki
  • It’s Me, Just Me by Corneille Mbarubukeye
  • Of Fear and of Guilt by Darla Rudakubana
  • The Girls by Charity Agasaro
  • Impanga by Akaliza Gara

All the best folks