Terrorists of Jubaland
Terrorists of Jubaland

The Kenya Defence Forces aka the KDF were deployed in October 2011 on Kenya’s first offensive motion as an independent nation. They went to Somalia to fight the Al Shabaab terror movement who had taken over huge swathes of that nation and were using it as a base to do their evil deeds. Deeds that included bombing Kampala when they were watching the most recent world cup or when Kenyans were boarding buses to head to Kampala.

The most recent of attacks was foiled as some poor soul was given many years behind bars when he admitted to being an Al Shabaab. The story of how they busted that plan to attack some large Nairobi building will probably be written by someone within the circles of whoever was part of that operation.

For those who might want to see how much the Al Shabaab is a part of the Kenyan narrative you may want to get a copy of The Terrorists of Jubaland. The book was recently launched in Nairobi and is the first fiction title from former journo turned entrepreneur Robert Ndwiga.

The Terrorists tells the tale of a young man who works for a mobile firm and finds himself – or rather immerses himself – into some underhand dealings at his place of work. He gives mobile information to what he assumes to be some bad guys and he is kidnapped by the Al Shabaab who take him to Somalia. While here he is discovers he has played an unwitting role in preparing a deadly attack.

The book is very good. It gives a vivid imagery of urban life in Nairobi and the scene where a lady informant of Al Shabaab has to go through River Road area and nearly gets raped and robbed is genious . As part of her woes she hides in a street with much sewage before taking an old ramshackle taxi cab and she is forced to pay extra half way through what with her stinking to high. You just cant make this stuff up? Ndwiga did and he did it very well.

The book is a mite small and is not world class in its production but what it offers is enough to whet the appetite for this new writer. For those who might want to get a copy of the book please go to

Bookpoint bookshop on Moi Avenue where the book is retailing at Kshs430.