Redscar McOdindo K'Oyuga
Redscar McOdindo K'Oyuga
Alleged plagiarist Redscar McOdindo K’Oyuga

Its not ending. More organisations have come out denying plagiarist of the decade Redscar McOdindo K’Oyuga. They are Enkare, Jalada and Poetry Passion.

The fallout continues from the mess that was unleashed on us by the criminal actions of a young man. Organisations like Nyanza Literary festival as well as Writivism and Babishai Niwe have been lining up to deny his once he was accused of plagiarism.

One of the most affected outfits is the newest kid on the literary block Enkare Review as Redscar was an integral part of its organisation as a poetry editor.  Their full statement read;


enkareThe past forty-eight hours have not been easy as we at Enkare Review have been grappling with the accusations of plagiarism, accompanied with evidence, levelled against Redscar McOdindo K’Oyuga. This news, received by us on the morning of October 9th, has been unsettling since up until the point of the discovery of his malpractices, Redscar McOdindo K’Oyuga had been serving as one of our poetry editors, having joined us on 22nd August 2016, a position he no longer holds as from the 10th October 2016. His name has been expunged from our Masthead.

Before then, Redscar had also sent poems to the magazine for publication and these were published on our website. The said poems have since been pulled down and will no longer appear in any publication bearing our name, after our own investigations revealed that these too had been plagiarised.

At Enkare Review, we are committed to ensuring that copyright rules and regulations are followed and it is for this reason that we rebuke the actions of Redscar McOdindo K’Oyuga as they are not in line with Enkare Review’s commitment to integrity and artistic excellence.

Having learnt from this incident, we at Enkare Review promise to take measures to ensure due diligence and to scrutinize our future submissions and to ensure that they are in agreement with Intellectual Property laws. We will invest in resources that will enable us to detect plagiarism and any work suspected to belong to another person and due rights have not been granted will not be published in our Magazine. We will also endeavour to have people joining our team well looked into before they are brought on board.

We wish to thank everyone who has been supportive of us during this time.

Editorial Team
Enkare Review

Also giving their statement were Jalada Africa who have published “his work.” Their statement read;


JaladaIn light of the recent revelations made by The Missing Slate of a series of plagiarised poems by Redscar McOdindo K’Oyuga, with whom Jalada is associated via publication, we would like to issue a statement of solidarity with the affected practitioners whose work was plagiarised. Jalada tolerates a zero policy of plagiarism and adheres to a code of ethics of originality, citation and goodwill with regards to artistic production and dissemination. Seeing as this is not just an isolated instance but a case of serial plagiarism, and pending further investigation, we have pulled down Redscar McOdindo K’Oyuga’s poems published by Jalada in our AfroFutures and Language Issues.


Also giving a statement was Poetry Potion who had also published “his work.” The statement read in part;

Here we are, three days later still trying to make sense of the shitstorm unleashed by the statement from The Missing Slate. That one of the poets many of us saw as showing a promising future in our small poetry pond has been rampantly cutting and pasting the hard work of fellow poets has been devastating.

The allegations that Redscar McOdindo K’Oyuga has been plagiarising the work of other poets and profiting from it has huge implications. Reputations are at stake. His entire body of work is now being questioned. Those of us who have published him and awarded him for work that now we aren’t sure is his are questioning how we could have been so duped. There are the poets whose work was in competition with his in the various prizes – those poets have lost out on opportunities and rewards (financial and otherwise) because of him. And Poetry Potion has just paid for printed copies of its tenth quarterly with poems we believed were Redscar’s.

You can read the full statement here