Farouk Shousha

Poet Farouk Shousha is the winner of this year’s Egypt’s Nile Prize for Literature.

Egypt’s Highest Awards in the fields of Literature, Arts and Social Sciences for the year 2016 were announced Sunday after being voted on by the members of the Supreme Council for Culture. The Nile Award is worth 400,000 EGP and a Golden Medal.

The Nile Award, the highest honour, was awarded today to three winners: the Nile literature award went to poet Farouk Shousha, the Nile Award for Arts went to Actress Magda ElSabahy, and the Nile Award for Social Sciences went to Professor of Law at Cairo University Laila Takla.

Farouk Shousha hosted the “Cultural Evening” TV program from 1977-2006 has issued a new poetry collection every few years since 1966. He has previously won a State Encouragement award for poetry (1986) and a State Appreciation award for literature (1997).

From his TV program, Shousha went on to work for the Arab Language Academy.

Read more about his win here.