In which we shine a light on the platforms that raised African and Black literature in 2020.

For literary ecosystems to allow writers and their work to blossom, a variety of platforms are needed. These platforms have several roles. Here are a few platform types and their roles.

Literary magazines or journals:

These publications allow new writers to showcase their prowess to those who are on the lookout for new work while also allowing more experienced writers to try out new work for new audiences. This year in African Black Literature there were several magazines that were published across continents aimed at a variety of audiences. Some of those that published this year included Agbowó, Ake Review, Arablit Quarterly, BKO magazine, Doek!, Fiyah,  Johannesburg Review of Books, Kikwetu Journal, Lolwe, Omenana, Peripheries Journal, Pree, and Shallow Tales Review. There were also several that joined the fray this year like The Imbiza Journal for African Writing, The Decolonial Passage, Sahifa, Isele Magazine, Iskanchi Magazine, and Olongo Africa.

We have a list of more of these publications that you can check out here.


This year, there were more podcasts new and not so new like

  • Art for the People
  • Books & Rhymes
  • Bulaq
  • Cheeky Natives.
  • James Murua Literary Podcast
  • The Happy Author by Dorothy Koomson;
  • Things Fall Together Vodcast;
  • The WISER Podcast;
  • Storyzfromyhair

We have a list of podcasts that have content in African and Black Literature you can check out here.