Petina Gappah’s The Book of Memory out in August

Petina Gappah Photo/
Petina Gappah Photo/

We all loved Pettina Gappah’s first book An Elegy for Easterly which won the Guardian first book award in 2009. It was a short story collection that can make you believe.

If you have read Elegy you will see that the writer was working on her new novel The Book Of Memory. For those who have been waiting for the book, I know I have, her new book is coming out in August if the Guardian Books in 2015: the essential literary calendar is to be believed. The new novel published by Faber focuses on a woman convicted of murder telling her story from a Harare prison cell.

For those who follow that calendar you will so see the dates for some of the biggest events in world literature.

By James Murua

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