The Mmabasi’s Legacy Literary Center has made a callout for writers who wish to perfect their manuscript. The work will be done by Editor Heather Lazare of Northern California Writers’ Retreat.

Mmabasi’s Legacy is an ecosystem that’s built to facilitate access to drivers of book markets and offering specially curated programs and curriculums, designed to ensure success for our community. The organisation was founded by Botswana-born USA-based Selwana Hudson.

Here are details of the forthcoming workshop;

with Editor Heather Lazare of Northern California Writers’ Retreat

Description of Workshop:

In an intimate setting, we’ll explore what’s working, what needs help, and how to keep things moving in your writing. Writers will come away with feedback from their other workshop members as well as advice from editor Heather Lazare. We’ll spend 20 minutes on each piece and everyone will have an opportunity to voice their thoughts. Our goal is to help your writing have deep meaning and urgency—we want to focus on what propels your plot and how we entice the reader to move forward.

Bio for Heather Lazare:

Heather Lazare is an independent editorial and publishing consultant who specializes in editing adult fiction specifically: historical fiction, women’s fiction, literary fiction, contemporary romance, and thrillers. She worked at the Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency and both Random House and Simon & Schuster before starting her own business in 2013. She is the director and founder of the Northern California Writers’ Retreat, a yearly fiction retreat in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Heather lives in California with her husband and two children. Visit her online at and

Submissions are open:

March 15th to April 26th.

Maximum submission length:

1500 words or the first 20 pages of your manuscript.

Submit your work: