In our continuing series, we share opportunities for those who wish to submit work be it poetry, prose, or other related arts in April 2021.

Every month we give you a list of opportunities to be a better writer, poet, publisher, or anything in the writing community. Today we give you another list that will hopefully allow you to go further in the game. For the first time, we have included some opportunities in academia. So ladies and gentlemen put on your glasses and let’s do this.

Africa No Filter Grant Writing For Creatives

Funding goes a long way in bringing creative ideas to life. Join narrative and funding experts as they share the skills and tools needed to turn ideas into funded projects, including every aspect of writing a winning proposal and how to build relationships with potential funders.

Details: Click here.
Deadline: Event happens on April 16. Register earlier.

LOATAD Women Reading Women (WRW) Project

The Library of Africa and the African Diaspora (LOATAD) is calling on women African Literature enthusiasts from the African continent to submit a five (5) minute audio recording of themselves reading an extract from their favourite book by an African woman writer from their country. The submissions will form part of LOATAD’s new oral archive, which is dedicated to spotlighting African women stories on the continent.

Deadline: Not indicated.

Disabilities in Africa Anthology of Writing

What does it mean to be a disabled person in Africa today? How do people in Africa living with a range of physical and psychological disabilities experience and express their unique sense of embodiment? The Disability and Inclusion Africa Project invites creative submissions for an anthology of original voices around the theme “Alternative Explanations / Alternative Representations of Disability in Africa”.

Submissions should be sent to Prof Kobus Moolman at [email protected] For more information or queries contact Prof Moolman at [email protected] or Dr Charlotte Baker at [email protected].

Deadline: May 15, 2021
Details: Click here.

Other opportunities in academia:

The Nyabola Prize for Science Fiction 2021

The Mabati Cornell Kiswahili Prize has today announced a special award for 2021 for youth writing science fiction and speculative fiction in Kiswahili, for writers aged between 18 and 35. In partnership with writer and political analyst, Nanjala Nyabola, the award is designed to promote and popularise a Kiswahili vocabulary for technology and digital rights, in order to empower citizens in Kiswahili-speaking communities to participate in broader conversations on the issues.

Details: Click here.
Deadline: May 31

Sisi Afrika callout

Sisi is a multidisciplinary online magazine for in-depth stories and inspiring features of meaningful advances in art, science, technology, economy and politics in Africa.

Sisi Afrika accepts writing from diverse creative voices, recognized and emerging writers, and a variety of forms and genres, from the traditional to the experimental. Sisi Afrika does not discriminate on the basis of race, origin, gender, or disability, but has a bias for centering African voices.

Details: Click here.
Deadline: Not specified

SAND Journal’s 23rd Issue

SAND is a nonprofit journal of literature and art based in Berlin, Germany. They welcome submissions from both emerging and established writers, with a particular interest in amplifying minority writers and artists who identify as “women, BIPOC, LGBTQ+, disabled, working class, neurodiverse, international, and/or geographically underrepresented.” They are currently accepting submissions for their 23rd issue. While unthemed, the editors state that they are looking for submissions of art, poetry, fiction, flash fiction, and translated work that “subverts, work that pushes against the boundaries of form, message, and voice in ways that we will feel, physically, in our bodies. We want work that haunts us with its soul, edge, and truth. Show us that fresh can be slow, sensitive can be rough, bold can be quiet.”

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Deadline: April 10

Write Unite “Visions of the Future” Callout

WriteUnite is an organization that endevours to ensure that young people can share their own visions of the world. They have made a callout for their newest book to be titled Visions of the Future. Here is information on the callout

We all think about the future we hope to live in, from global affairs to individual concerns. We want to know what young people think our world will, or should, look like. No issue is too small or too big – there is no right and no wrong. We just ask that submissions are created from the heart and reflect true feelings. How to Get Involved Every young person is welcome. We are not a writing competition and we’re not a place to be the best or the loudest – we’re a place where everybody counts and every submission received will be included. We have tried to make the submission process as easy as possible.

Deadline: June 1.
Details: Click here.

African Writers Awards 2021

Writers Space Africa (WSA), in collaboration with the African Writers’ Development Trust (AWDT), has announced a call for the 2021 African Writers Awards. In its third year, the literary award annually celebrates writers in the category of poetry, creative non-fiction, and drama. The 2021 edition is themed “The Future of Africa.” Winners in each of the 3 genres will individually receive $100 and a certificate.

Deadline: May 31
Details: Click here.

Frankfurt Rights

Frankfurt Rights

Frankfurt Rights, a new platform for international rights and license trade from Frankfurter Buchmesse, is seeking African Publishers to sign up.

Deadline: Not specified.
Information: Click here.

Decolonial Passage

Decolonial Passage presents each distinct piece of writing as a passage worthy of readers’ attention in which writers create texts to articulate a variety of themata affecting the human condition including, but not limited to authenticity, liberty, alienation, dignity, community, and boundless love. Decolonial Passage publishes writing from emerging and established writers who use language and form in innovative ways.

Deadline: Not indicated
Information: Click here.

Mabati Cornell Kiswahili Prize for African Literature

The Mabati Cornell Kiswahili Prize for African Literature was founded by Dr Mukoma Wa Ngugi and Dr Lizzy Attree in 2014. The prize has the express goal of recognizing writing in African languages and encouraging translation from, between and into African languages. After suspending the Prize due to the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, submissions sent during 2020 will be considered for the 2021 Prize. Award Criteria: The prize will be awarded to the best unpublished manuscript or book published within two years of the award year across the categories of fiction, poetry and memoir, and graphic novels.

Details: Click here.
Deadline: May 31, 2021.

Kendeka Prize for African Literature

The Kendeka Prize for African Literature started accepting entries from 1st February 2021 for its 2021 edition. The new prize is an initiative of Andrew Maina, a Kenyan writer, through Solano Publications Ltd. It aims at giving African writers, especially the unpublished a platform on which to showcase their work. Through this platform, more people will have access to their work which will, in turn, inspire more writing. The competition is administered by Solano Publications Ltd and entry is free.

Details: Click here
Deadline: May 31, 2021

Toyin Falola Prize

The Toyin Fálọlá Prize is a prize from Nigerian-based Lunaris aimed at honouring distinguished African scholar and foremost historian, Professor Toyin Fálọlá, whose contributions to the field of African history and culture have continued to place Africa on the map and accord it its deserved recognition. The prize is meant to honour his endeavors and contributions to the advancement of African cultures, peoples, myths, and histories. The Toyin Falola Prize is to be judged this year by Nerine Dorman and Dr. Akwasi Aidoo.

Deadline: May 15, 2021
Information: Click here.

Quramo Writers’ Prize 2021

Created in 2017 as an avenue for fresh writers to showcase their manuscripts to the global literary community, and contribute their works to the canonisation of Africa literature, the Quramo Writers’ Prize celebrates unpublished writers who are working every day to hone their craft and record our continent’s original stories. The prize aims to encourage and stimulate a new community of talented writers, providing an opportunity for otherwise unexposed talent to achieve publishing recognition and encouragement.

For Quramo Writers’ Prize 2021, we are inviting unpublished African writers to submit an original manuscript in fiction prose, with a minimum word count of 30,000. An ‘African’ writer is taken to mean someone who is a citizen of an African country, or who has a parent who is African by birth or nationality, living anywhere in the world. The Prize is awarded to an original fiction prose manuscript by an unpublished African writer. ‘Unpublished is taken to mean the writer has never traditionally, digitally or self-published his writing in book format before. Each entry must be an original, unpublished work of fiction.

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Deadline: April 30, 2021


Agbowó is a literary journal, that seeks entries for their sixth edition with the theme “Chaos.” The process of “civilization” is a continuous negotiation of what it means to impose order on a world given to entropic tendencies. The traffic warden, the queue, the systematization of knowledge, and institutions built to administer justice are all cogs in humanity’s “anti-chaos” machine. Greek and Hebrew cosmogonies equally hold this perspective – the creation event was civilizing; from an initial chaos and formlessness, order is fashioned. In a sense, don’t all literary and artistic production follow a similar format? The poet looks at a disorderly morning in a busy bus park (or his life, shattering in different directions) and cages that chaos in a single line. For the 2021 issue of Agbowó, we are accepting submissions on the theme – Chaos.

Deadline:  April 30, 2021.
Information: Click here.