In our continuing monthly series, we share opportunities for those who wish to submit work be it poetry, prose, or other art in May 2020.

  • Solano Publications seeks your submissions

Solano Publications, publishers of I Am Listening, an annual anthology of inspirational short stories, is calling for submissions of materials for its 2020 edition. This edition will be unveiled in a ceremony to be held in the month of August at a venue to be announced.

Theme: Inspirational short stories of between 500 and 1000 words.
Editors: Andrew Maina and William Mureithi
Deadline: May 31, 2020
Details: solanopublications (at)

  • The Toyin Fálọlá Prize
Toyin Fálọlá Prize 2020
Toyin Fálọlá Prize 2020

The Toyin Fálọlá Prize seeks entries from writers from across Africa. The prize was created in honour of the Distinguished African scholar and foremost historian, Professor Toyin Fálọlá, whose contributions to the field of African history and culture have continued to place Africa on the map and accord it its deserved recognition. The prize is meant to honor his endeavors and contributions to the advancement of African cultures, peoples, myths, and histories. It is being judged by Mukoma Wa Ngugi and Adunni Abimbola Adelakun.

Deadline: May 31.

  • Quramo Writers Prize 2020

The Quramo Writers’ Prize (QWP) is an African award for new and emerging writers. It celebrates unpublished writers who are working every day to hone their craft and record our continent’s original stories. Quramo Publishing Limited is an independent media company committed to producing the highest quality content for our various audiences. Since 2015, through our growing selection of imprints, we have published works of historical nonfiction, contemporary fiction, and children’s books, by a growing list of authors including Yejide Kilanko, Abimbola Dare, and Sefi Atta. The goal is to document and celebrate the many facets of pre and post-colonial African life.

Deadline: July 30, 2020.

  • African Global Networks calls for poetry from emerging poets

African Global Networks, founded by Akpesiri (Ri) Iyovwaye in 2002, was conceived as a resource for interaction and as a catalyst for African led agency. Apolitical, secular and non-discriminatory, positive traditional African values underpin AGN’s activities. The network is founded on an African consciousness and as such it favors duty as a means of agency, a fundamental principal that is at the heart of many African people’s histories. Our actions are guided by both a historical and contemporary perspective.

Each month African Global Networks (AGN) features a poem from an emerging writer in Africa.  AGN pays £20.00 for each poem it publishes.

Deadline:  None. Monthly submission.

  • Parrésia Publishers

Parrésia Publishers is a publishing company based in Lagos, Nigeria who have published the likes of Molara Wood, Habila Helon, Chika Unigwe, Victor Ehikamenor, Richard Ali, and Cheluchi Onyemelukwe-Onuobia. The company is looking for submissions in a variety of writing genres.

Information: click here.
Deadline: June 1.

  • Coffee & Oranges: Submissions

Coffee & Oranges is a quarterly literary magazine delivered via email to subscribers every January, April, July, and October. Each edition features three new works of literary art (poetry, prose, and/or cross-genre), each of 325 words or fewer.

Coffee & Oranges values work that thrives through an alchemy of sensory detail, setting, character, point of view, plot, structure, pacing, voice, style, tone, title, authorial identity, and theme–and which transcends its own craft elements to arrive at the condition of art.

Submission details: Click here.
Deadline:  None. Monthly submission.

  • Nalubaale Review: A special issue on the Covid-19 situation

The coronavirus that causes the Covid-19 disease has taken the world by storm. Many countries are on their knees. Almost all the world is under lock-down so as to prevent further spread. We are giving writers everywhere an opportunity to share their experiences with or about the situation. We will publish the accepted pieces on our blog as they come through. The call is open to anyone anywhere. Submit a maximum of three poems, two short stories, and 10 photos.

Submissions can be sent to; [email protected]

Deadline: May 30, 2020.
Details: Click here.

  1. Konya Shamsrumi

We desire unique writing possessed of a gripping perspective and insight into our world in the time of #Covid19. We want writing that stresses love, safety and the need for calm. We welcome all voices. We want submissions from writers and artists of all races and nationalities.

Details: Click here.
Deadline: Not set.

  1. Kreative Diadem calls out for entries.

The Kreative Diadem is a platform that celebrates the works of established and emerging writers in the literary art space. Every year, they release an online magazine issue featuring poets and writers who have made the cut after submitting their works to our editors. The genres are flash fiction, poetry and non-fiction. In 2019, their issue was titled “Rebel” and we boasted over 200 entries across board. Rebel, featured works by some of Logan February, Caleb Somtochukwu Okereke, Laura Kaminski, Hauwa Shafii Nuhu, Frances Ogamba and others.

The platform seeks the entries for the 2020 issue of the magazine under the theme “Isolation.” Our guest editors for our third issue, Isolation, are: Brunel Prize shortlisted writer, Rasaq Malik; 2020 US Magazine Awards finalist, Ope Adedeji; and Tolulope Ojuola.

Details: Click here.
Deadline: June 15, 2020

  1. The Republic

The Republic is currently accepting submissions for our August-October 2020 issue, in which scholars and experts will critically discuss Russia & the New Scramble for Africa. The first Russia-Africa Summit took place in Moscow from October 23-24, 2019, with the aim of promoting greater economic development and security on the continent through multilateral cooperation. Therefore, they would like our authors to critically discuss the evolution of Russo-African relations in the context of an ongoing New Scramble for Africa; as well as the potential implications of this ‘new scramble’ on Africa and the wider international system. They welcome submissions with a focus on Nigeria and Africa on any following topics:

Details: Click here.
Deadline: May 28, 2020

  1. Samira Bawumia Literature Prize

The Samira Bawumia Literature Prize is an annual literary prize for the best short fiction, poetry and non-fiction prose by young Ghanaians living in Ghana. The prize, for those aged between 15 and 25 at the time of the closing date, seeks entries in short fiction, poetry, and nonfiction.

Deadline: May 8

  1. Words Without Borders Poems in Translation Contest.

Words Without Borders is pleased to announce the 2020 Poems in Translation Contest to spotlight some of the groundbreaking poets working around the world today and to celebrate the art of translating poetry.

The contest is open to contemporary international poetry translated from other languages into English. Four winning translated poems will be co-published on Words Without Borders, the digital magazine for international literature, and in Poem-a-Day, the popular daily poetry series produced by the Academy of American Poets, throughout September, which is National Translation Month.

The winning poems will be selected by acclaimed poet David Tomas Martinez, along with the editors of Words Without Borders.

The winning poets and translators will be awarded $150 each. (In the case of multiple translators, the translator award shall be split evenly.)

Details: Click here.
Deadline: June 1.

  • Botswana Women Write – Poetry anthology

Botswana Women Write is the first anthology to cover a broad spectrum of writing by and about Batswana women. It provides a record of their lives both now and in the past, and of their thoughts about the joyful and difficult issues they face.

The anthology editors have made a callout for poetry to be featured in their upcoming poetry anthology.

Deadline: December 31.

  • Lunaris Review

Lunaris Review accepts submission all year round but now publishes biannually. We accept submissions in all fiction, non-fiction, art/photography and poetry categories except erotica and chic lit. Because of the new biannual schedule of publication, we have a structured submission window.

Deadline: May 31.

  • Things Fuckbois Say

All details on the poster.