Nuruddin Farah wins Lee Hochul Literary Prize for Peace 2019

Nuruddin Farah received the Lee Hochul Literary Prize for Peace 2019 at a ceremony in Seoul, South Korea on August 28, 2019.

Nuruddin Farah, one of the continent’s leading novelists, has also written plays both for stage and radio, as well as short stories and essays. Since leaving his native Somalia in the 1970s, he has lived and taught in the United States, England, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Sudan, India, Uganda, Nigeria, and South Africa. Some of his books starting with his debut novel From a Crooked Rib (1970) include A Naked Needle (1976), Territoires Serpent à Plumes (2000) and Hiding in Plain Sight (2015).

Lee Hochul Literary Prize for Peace 2019

It has emerged that the author and academic is the recipient of the third edition of the Lee Hochul Literary Prize for Peace. The writer received the award, worth US$50,000, in Seoul, South Korea yesterday. With information about this prize on the English side of the Interwebs quite hard to find, we were lucky when it was shared by the author’s friend Yusuf Hassan. Hassan is a bibliophile who also happens to be the Member of Parliament for Kamukunji constituency in Nairobi city. Here is the Tweet sharing the information;