Nuruddin Farah
Nuruddin Farah for 2016

They have just announced the Nobel Prize for Literature and the winner this year is…. once again, despite unfounded rumours, most definitely NOT Ngugi. Its Svetlana Alexievich a Belarusian investigative journalist, ornithologist and prose writer.

We can all wait for the speculation from the world media that you’d expect to ensue;

  • Did the Nobel committee give it to her to increase the number of ladies to win it? Heh.
  • Is this a slap in the Face to the Americans or the Russians?
  • Why do they keep on giving it to white people?
  • Why don’t we have our own prizes that are as well regarded as this one?
  • How come no one from Papua New Guinea has ever won it?
  • Wait. Now they are giving it to journos. Where is our literature going next? Next they’ll give it to anyone with a twitter account.

On the African literature game the discussion will be on Kenya writer Ngugi Wa Thiong’o and how he didn’t win it. I mean I want the guy to win it; imagine the prestige for African literature (and the traffic my blog will get :-)).

However I suggest that we stop with giving the old man anxiety every year and look at other possible winners of the prize henceforth. I suggest that next year we all start pining for Nuruddin Farah to win the prize. If he doesn’t win we all pin for Ama Ata Aidoo in 2017 then Ayi Kwei Armah in 2018. This way mzee will be able to cope with living through an October stress free.